ThopTv Apk is one of the most famous live Tv streaming platform for Smartphones, PCs, Mac, iOS and many other devices. It allows users to stream movies, series, live channels, sports, news and much more. It comes up with thousands of programs for its fans.

In today’s article, we are going to review this amazing application in detail. Because millions of people out there who use this app but some do not find the official ThopTV for their devices. So, you must read this post to know more about it.

Later you can download the latest version of the app right from this page. This is the official and perfectly working application that is absolutely safe for the users to install and use. Moreover, we are offering it for absolutely free.

What is ThopTV?

ThopTV is an IPTV application where people can watch live Tv channels, movies, news, series, sports, music, and other kinds of programs. Actually, there is a huge collection of programs that you can enjoy through this mega platform.

But it is not possible to mention those all in one line or paragraph. So, in simple words, it is a movie streaming and live TV streaming application Android phones.

This is not only available for Android phones but also you can use it on other kinds of devices. You cannot run or install the Apk file of this app on other devices except Androids.

However, you can have its specific extension for Windows, Mac, and Linux or some other devices. In this article, we are reviewing the app for Android smartphones and tablets.

Some people are looking for the ThopTv Hacked version but I am not sure whether such a file exists on the internet or not. Because this application is already free and there are no premium features at all.

So, why would someone try to get the hacked version? However, you can download ThopTV Mod Apk for your Android smartphones and Smart Tv devices.

This application allows the users to stream every program in HD and HD Plus quality. Moreover, there you can find those contents which are recently released. Nevertheless, there are some issues with this software and we will let you know about those in the next paragraph.

It is a whole world of entertainment where there are tons of categories and subcategories. So, you can select the desired genre and directly watch those on your tablets.

In every main category, there are more than 100 or 1000 subcategories and channels. These are easily accessible and you don’t need to install any separate app for that.

Details of ThopTV Apk

DeveloperThopster Athen
Size16.17 MB
Required Android4.4 and Up

Thop TV Apk Main Categories

As I have mentioned that there are various kinds of genres that you can enjoy right on your palms or at homes. So, we have arranged the list of those categories here in this section.

Furthermore, you will come to know that what you can get there and how you can use those. But for that, you need to go for ThopTV Apk Download first and then install it on your phones.

Homepage of Thop TV App

Right on the homepage of this platform, you get a chance to watch featured live TV, movies, series, and other kinds of content. So, it offers mixed content that you can randomly choose to watch.

Here you can mostly get a chance to find new and latest releases from different film industries and channels. So, this is the best option for those who are looking for new programs.

Furthermore, here you can live stream the sports events like IPL, PSL, Football Leagues, NBA and other kinds of stuff. This provides an opportunity to watch highlights of past matches and sports events. It is easy to run as you only need to click on the category or option that you want to play.


LiveTV is a category where you can get a chance to watch tons of live television channels. Further, there are so many other platforms like ThopTv, which you can also access.

Here you can get mixed sources which are available for a global audience while some are for the Indian users. So, it has a huge variety in its platforms and you can easily watch those with one-click.

This is the list of those sources and live services that you can stream live. Furthermore, you will also come to know where these are accessible. Even you can run those by using a VPN for a better experience and smooth performance.

Jasmine TV

You can have more than 600 live television channels in this category. The category contains top channels from India for the Indian Audience only. Some of the well-known stations like Colors, Sony, ZeeTV, HBO HD, BBC Hindi, ABP, and many more.

This gives an option to search for channels by City. Therefore, you can get a chance to enjoy stations which are limited to any specific city only.

There you can also get an option to search the programs by country or States of India. Because there are some foreign stations specifically for the Indian audience. Moreover, within the same category, there are different sub-categories. The list of those categories is mentioned here below.

  • Entertainment
  • Movies
  • Kids
  • Sports
  • LifeStyle
  • Science
  • News
  • Music
  • Devotional
  • Business
  • Educational
  • And more
Allium TV

This is the sub-category of ThopTv Apk where you can get access to 300+ live channels. These are only accessible to the Indian audience. So, it is not available for users other than that country.

Even you cannot use that through VPN as it requires you to provide OTP verification via Airtel Mobile number. However, you can use web tools to get limited Indian numbers for OTP.


This is another sub-genre in the ThopTv that allows you to enjoy 300 stations from different fields. Here you can get a chance to watch movies, shows, cartoons and so on.

This is again available for India users but can be accessible to everyone even without VPN. As most of the contents here are belongs to Indian and in Hindi. That is why here only such users are targeted who can understand Hindi or Urdu.

Furthermore, there are different options for users to navigate their favourite stuff easily. You can have a huge variety of search options when you will click on the button or ‘All’. This does not make it complicated even you can easily find targeted programs within a few seconds.


This is another amazing category for the global users in the ThopTV Apk for Android. This is again free and contains more than 2000 programs.

These are accessible for absolutely free and you don’t need to use VPNs or other such sources to stream these videos. Here you can get mix channels, movies and etc. right on your Android device.


Luminous offers almost 1000 or even more contents and channels. It is also available for global users and there is no restriction on any country.

Here you can mostly get Arabian channels, European and some other western channels. You can also have a chance to watch enjoy Indian and other Asian channels which are streamed globally.

Iris TV

Iris television programs are quite famous across the globe and people love to watch such programs. So, here you can have a chance to enjoy almost 500 or even more programs for free right through ThopTV.


In heather, you can get more than 900 global contents and mostly based on the same topic. However, if you are a huge fan of heather programs, then you can enjoy this portion. You don’t need to install a separate app for that, because all of these are available right on the ThopTV App.


Sunflower is again another category that has more than 1500 channels including different kinds of programs. It is also accessible for global users and there is not any kind of country restriction.


It is a quite small portion where you can get a small number of contents for free. It has about 100 or a few more than that. Despite that, it has quality videos and stations that you can really enjoy in leisure time.


Here comes the most important portion for the people who are interested in religion. Basically, it offers talk shows, debates, documenters and other kinds of religious shows. This is again available right in the ThopTv Apk Latest version.


The Movies, is the second main category of ThopTV for Android. This has multiple kinds of sources through which you can enjoy all your favourite movies.

You can search for the best and trending films here. Moreover, it provides those films which are not available anywhere else except cinemas. It is quite hard to believe but yes, it is true.

Basically, here is a huge list of sources and platforms through which you can watch your favourite movies for free. All of these mentioned sources are available right in the same app which is known as Thop Tv.

So, here below I have mentioned the list of those sources and platforms that provides a free opportunity to watch desired motion pictures. Even you can call them categories rather than sources or platforms.

These are accessible for everyone while some of these provide Hindi or Bollywood films and other Indian films. So, those are mainly targeted for the Indian users. While most of those are for globally available and provides mix movies from China, Hollywood, Japan, and others.

  • New Movies
  • Oyster Movies
  • Snap Movies
  • Test BM
  • Hullabaloo
  • CinepleX
  • Mallow Movies
  • Max Movies
  • Whatstar
  • Oho!
  • Orchid
  • Jaguar
  • Lotus
  • Beebalm
  • Rampage
  • Epicion Specials
  • Short Films
  • Zephy Movies
  • Snowflake
  • Majestic

Series is another main and last category of ThopTV Apk updated application. So, here you can get a chance to watch your most favourite series from different countries.

Moreover, you can have series in different language such as in Hindi, English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and many more. You can have a search box to find the desired stuff easily.

Moreover, you can get the same way of search filter as in other main categories you get. So, here you don’t need to worry about that. Simply type the name of your favourite series and click on the search button. Later you will get suggestions from where you can identify your search.

Right on the homage of this genre, you can get featured and trending programs from that same group. Here you can get a chance to enjoy all the latest as well as the oldest series. It is again free and you can get all of those in the ThopTv Apk update.

Radio & FM Stations

When you are on a long drive or sitting at home alone, then you probably need FM to enjoy some music. Because in most of the cases people don’t want to watch anything except listening to mesmerizing songs and music. Therefore, this amazing application is offering you more than 5,000 live FM or Radio Stations.

Even you can listen to music, shows, news and live scores for different sports events. So, if you don’t have any kind of source to listen to the news or sports events then you can use this app. Because it allows you to access all the stations right on your palms.

You can get mix Radio stations from different parts of the world. But the ThopTv is an Indian app, therefore, you can get the most famous Indian FM shows and radio shows. There are further different categories by country, state and city. Even you can also search the station through its name and so on.

ScreenShots of The App

Major Features

I have shared enough information for the ThopTV Apk where you can also find out its features. But here I have shared the list of some major features or highlights that you are going to have in the app.

These can be either positive as well as negative. So, I appreciate you if you guys spare some time and give a read to this list that is mentioned below.

  • It allows you to watch programs in multiple Video qualities.
  • You need to have a stable internet connection to run this ThopTv.
  • It offers 4K Video quality which is considered as highest one for the Android smartphones.
  • You can enable Dark Mode to run it during the night.
  • There is no option for you to download any of the content.
  • Works better with VPNs.
  • Gives you access to global channels and events.
  • Live Scores for Cricket, Football, hockey, and so on.
  • Watch your favourite movies and series for free.
  • Provides PIP options to make you able for multi-tasking.
  • Thousands of live television channels.
  • Built-in video player.
  • It also supports secondary media player apps on your phones.
  • Gives access to thousands of FM and radio stations for free.
  • Audio quality is better as compare to others.
  • It is quite a heavy app that works smoothly on only high-end devices.
  • Categorized in a better way so you can find your favorite stuff easily.
  • Free to download and use.
  • It is safe but not legal.
  • And many more to have some fun in leisure time.

How to Use ThopTv Apk on Android Smartphones & Tablets?

If you are interested to use this amazing app, then you need to go for ThopTv Apk File download option below. So, later when you will be done with the downloading process, then install it on your devices.

In order to install the app, just enable the option of ‘Unknown Sources’ from the security settings. You can get security setting right in the settings option of your Android devices.

How to Get Sign Up or log in?

After the installation process, you need to create an account or get login into the app. So, you have multiple kinds of options through which you can get Sign up. First of all, you can use your Gmail account, second Facebook and third one is through your Twitter account.

So, select any method or source through which you want to Sign Up on ThopTv. Thereafter, it will ask you to enter the login details of that specific source such as Facebook, Gmail or Twitter. Enter the details and that is all.

This is quite helpful to get the latest updates regarding the app and contents that update on their official ThopTv Apk File. So, when they update anything, you receive notifications through mail or message.

How Install ThopTv Apk on Android Smart TV Devices?

This is again very simple and you can do that within a few minutes if you have a stable internet connection. Just click on the link given at the end of this page and get the Latest ThopTV Apk file for your Smart Tv.

It can be Samsung, Sony TV, Amazon Fire TV or Firestick. So, save that file to any USB or SD Card. Later insert into your device and launch the storage or File Manager on your device.

There you will see the option of USB or SD Card so select the source that you have inserted. Thereafter, click on the folder where you have saved or downloaded the Apk file of ThopTV. Tap or click on that file and select the install option. It will take a few seconds to complete the installation process.

However, in some devices, you need to allow third-party apps to install. Therefore, in the ‘Developer Option’ of your Android TV, you will get the ‘Unknown Sources’ option. So, enable that settings just like you do in your Android Smartphones or tablets.

Can We Download ThopTv Mod Apk?

Although it is not confirmed whether you can download the hacked version of ThopTv or not, however, you can have modded versions.

However, in this article, we are only referring to the official ThopTV which is absolutely free and there are no hidden paid features at all. Therefore, you don’t need to get any hacked version or so on.

However, when it comes to the ThopTV Mod Apk for Android, they may have those on the internet. But I am not sure. However, if you have an idea about any such modded app, then you can let us know and we will also share it here for you.

Is ThopTv Apk Safe to Use?

This is an illegal platform which is not authorized to share the contents it is displaying to its users. Furthermore, it is a third-party application that cannot be considered safe for anyone.

That is why we cannot guarantee whether it is safe or not. However, it has been downloaded by millions of people across the globe and never witnesses any such security issue.


Therefore, you can also use it without any kind of hesitation. However, you must get it on your own risk. Moreover, we the owners of this site will not be responsible for any kind of issue with or within this software or product.

Disclaimer: This is a third-party product and we are not the real owner of it neither we are affiliated with this product by any means. So, we have shared this review for entertaining our readers and to provide awareness about this tool. But we don’t encourage people to use such kinds of illegal sources.

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Q1. What is ThopTv?

Ans. It is a platform where you can stream live channels, shows, movies, series, radio and many other kinds of programs right on your Android or other devices.

Q2. Is it legal to use ThopTV Application?

Ans. No, it is not a legal app and its usage is also illegal. Even Morally it is not an ethical thing to stream through these kinds of illegal platforms.

Q3. How to download ThopTV Apk for Android?

Ans. You can download it from the link given on this page.

Q4. How to Install Thop TV Apk on Android Phones?

Ans. Enable the option of unknown sources from the security settings and then click on the Apk file to install it on your Android phones.

Q5. How to Install ThopTV Mod Apk File on Android TV Sets or Smart TV?

Ans. Save the Apk to any USB or SD Card and insert it into your smart television devices. Thereafter, click on the file manager app and select the folder where you have downloaded the Apk file. So, tap or click on that file and install it.

Q6. Is it safe to use?

Ans. To some extend it is safe and you can use it without any kind of such issue.