TT Note notepad records 1.3.6

Friday, January 17th, 2014 - Productivity

 TT Note notepad notes 1.3.6
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Current Version: 1.3.6
Requires Android: 2.0 and up
Category: Productivity
v1.3.6 update:
1.Optimize synchronization function,and knowledge better.
2.Publish Windows versions,Welcome to use it.

English Title:TT Note notepad notes

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TT Note is a many versatile, a many available and a many engaging notepad application. It is absolute in multimedia notepad, support striking brew row, can emanate text, pictures, handwritten and hand-painted, puzzles, animation, video recording, video audio, checklist, report and so on notepad type, can easy record notepad, can save and share your memory and inspiration, that can make notepad to some-more colorful.

Main features:

* Multimedia notepad: illustrated multimedia calm to make considerable for notepad
It support print taking, sound recording, video, hand-painted and Video Audio and so on notepad type.You can record work and life in anytime and anywhere, can emanate illustrated multimedia content, so that notepad has turn really impressive.

* Drawing notepad: fun and creativity to make notepad
It can make notepad with graffiti, handwritten, puzzles, and emblem etc, can be set to pleasing cover, can insert into credentials and music, also cinema wizz in, zoom, rotate, conceal and other landscaping treatment, so that records turn engaging and creativity;

* Perfect puzzle: several forms to spell out smashing pictures
It can nonplus several forms pictures, including template puzzles, giveaway puzzles and strange mosaic.What is more,you can select large limit credentials and element to make a nonplus some-more fantastic.

* Video Audio: can record smashing moments for recalling memories
It can take photos while recording, support to slip shows and Flash animation and can insert into your geographical
location information,which can save your smashing life and good mood as a life good memories.

* Animation: elementary and easy to make what we like
Flash animation,support multi-layer and multi-page hand-painted calm can be saved as a peep record (SWF format).
GIF animation, can be available to select cinema and easy to make GIF images, so cinema can be changed anytime.

* Schedule calendar: can stretchable and well-organized notepad
Chronicle report is honeyed housekeeper that can emanate a schedule, record matters and place, set adult remind, etc;
Calendar function, can be available to check schedule,the critical assembly and a anniversary by calendar.

* Enhancements: insinuate pattern and ideal experience
-Notepad widget, easy to take and check notepad;
-Search and tags, can be available to find and manager notepad;
-Handwritten notepad, can ideal record strange handwriting, that can be used as a signature;
-share records with friends by SNS,the MicroBlog, emails, etc.
-Can set password, and perspective a singular notepad cue to strengthen your privacy;
-Automatic backup and recovery,which can involuntary backup notepad calm to SD card;
-Free , No Ads and support Chinese and English

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Service QQ:2396782669

 TT Note notepad notes 1.3.6 TT Note notepad notes 1.3.6

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